Thursday, June 4, 2020

My Hearty Wishes on Earth Day 2020

It is proved that neither the Asura nor the Satan nor the Devil is man’s so staunch an enemy as man himself. Man has devastated Nature; destroyed animals, destroyed fellow humans. He has polluted not only Earth but Air and Water to such a great extent that man’s doom is near if it continues little longer. Not only Earth but man has spoilt space and other planets to the extent possible by him knowing full well that other planets would eventually drive him out, in other words, he cannot evolve or grow there; he would eventually die. He would have nowhere to live than Earth which he has spoilt by misusing Science and Technology. All these some men have done not all, for their self-aggrandizement and profit. Let such men be marked as the true devils to mankind; the real enemies. Countries and institutions whoever have taken part in such activities be marked as such. On the event or Earth Day 2020 I have written two poems relevant and I dedicate them for the cause. I also give an image of our rooftop garden where in spite of all such impediments colourfully dressed Spring visited and invited the Summer to join. Blooming  flowery smiles have defied such enemies but we all are afraid that it may ruin the future of mankind if such enemies are not immediately prevented to carry on their activities or aren’t  banished from the earth.

The Civilized

After first birth on the pristine earth some of the human tribes globally spread
It hasn’t been fixed if it was from Africa, Andaman or any other country yet
But it is known that civilized men on earth later occupied the other countries
Slaved, killed or drove out the first primitive tribes; first symptom of the civilized.
Guided by greed they came to swallow up all the wealth of the universe
Denuding mother earth of her forests, trees, creatures and the rivers.
Powered by greed all looters are the same everywhere as in our country.
Billions years old geologically historic Aravallis, store of precious stones,
Protecting huge area from severe climatic hazards, conserved the rivers and valleys
Was plundered by ungrateful kings for making forts, temples and mansions;
Even today it’s cratons are dug, spoilt, uplifted, landscape gouged and ravaged.
Himalayas is daily broken to bleed, pulverized and its resources plundered
With melting glaciers it gives signals dangerous
Rivers are deprived of billions cubic metres of the flowing water.
Illegal or by force legal mining is ruining the forests, mountains, rivers and valleys
What have been accumulated in millions years
Are being depleted in few hundred years; what about the future?
Tribals are ousted, all their rights are crippled, rights to knowledge of all are curtailed
Wildlife is daily reduced; tiger population increased but dwindled in mining districts.
How beautiful are the peacocks, how nice are the gneisses and quartzite!
These aren’t there solely for the economic progress of the country
But are objects crushed to help amass wealth by a few veiled by sophistry.
The rich countries venture into space beyond the earth and solar system
Pollute the planets, spaces and other bodies with satellites, rockets
Millions of broken objects, nuclear venoms and innumerable junks
Crowd the space clashing with each other and are eventually crushed;
It’s a ruinous adventure by a few countries and their billionaires to seek
To fulfill their demoniac greed by mining in the unknown planets and the arctic
Polluting whatever comes on their ways to reach the civilized manhood.
Unless you rob their rights to stay in wood
Rights to know and possess, rights to a treat humane
how can you get the free mood
To get everything for your type of livelihood!

Fire rages in forests, wild animals flee to the hills
Polluted air is not breathable, polluted water undrinkable;
Plastic demons choke the earth and water; oceans, rivers and their denizens.
Civilizations and future of man are challenged by man
A product of Nature, how can he survive by attacking her?
© Aju Mukhopadhyay, 2019

Corona is Fighting the Last Battle Men are Rising Up

Washing hands over and over again with alcohol based sanitizer
soon became viral exposing human superstition
not out of ignorance but by over use of hackneyed knowledge;
it is like carrying fire in hands risking death by burn
who said that soap washing is not better or won’t serve the purpose!
do viruses love hands more than breath or a slight touch elsewhere?
A disease which affects human health and kills them wantonly
is an enemy to man but men are divided variously
among themselves drowned in controversies;
groups of men and countries become enemy to each other
sometimes heterogeneous groups come together.
 While Governments make all announcements;
Quarantine, lockdown, curfew or promulgate
section 144 of the criminal Procedure Code
leaders show themselves as the best friends of the people;
poor people suffer immensely walking unfed through the nights
bundles of family baggage overhead
dying in exhaustion, run over by trains, drowned in rivers.
Leaders of the richest countries blame each other for the catastrophe
blaming and threatening the world body formed to protect people’s health
people continue to suffer atrocious afflictions by the heinous viruses.
While the tiniest thing like a virus shows severe discipline in action
man the greatest creation upon earth fails in defensive fabrication
though doctors and health workers have shown exemplary dedication
locked down man has tested how beneficial is the force of free Nature.

In spite of all debacles man on earth has an undaunted, indomitable spirit;
he has got up refusing to be confined within the four walls
he is ready to walk up to the end over the mountains
to the unfathomable depth of the sea;
he is rising up over the corona fever
to be engaged in business and commerce, in import and export,
in making the most difficult transactions of life;
while corona like many other diseases would remain on earth
it’ll depend on man if he allows the enemies of man
to gain windfall profit over the body of the diseased
or try by all means to banish the profiteers and the disease
like the cancer nexus which may be finished at ease;
it’ll depend on man if he relies on Nature
to live a wholesome or a truncated life without her
deprived of all the wealth of natural life.  

Spring appeared in colourful dress
When the Corona was in progress
And left a message for the Summer
Summer in bloom gave a fragrant answer;
Nature frowns at the human frailty
Smiles with flowers at his novelty. 
© Aju Mukhopadhyay, 2020 

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